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What Is Bemer

BEMER Sessions

BEMER is an amazing wellness device that increases blood flow and circulation, increases energy levels, alleviates anxiety, and improves sleep quality – to name just a few benefits.

Here at Georjeans Pet Grooming, we are seeing great results with BEMER – especially with dogs experiencing anxiety, dementia, reactivity and older dogs with stiff joints or weakness.

BEMER can be used prior to and in conjunction with dog grooming sessions to:

  • Calm anxious dogs
  • Improve vitality
  • Rehabilitate muscles
  • Spot treat injured areas
  • Help dogs stand more comfortably while being groomed.

Session Fees

  • BEMER Session Add-On to Grooming Appointment: $25.00
  • Standalone BEMER Session: $35.00
  • 11-Session BEMER Package: $350.00 (Buy 10 sessions, get one free)

For more information about Bemer and its health benefits, visit: BMR University: What is Bemer?

How BEMER Works