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Dominion Kennel Club Awards

Frodo Surveys His Awards

Since his “Best of Winners” and other successes at the Old Dominion Kennel Club Dog Show last September, many of you have asked how my Standard Schnauzer Frodo is progressing along his road to becoming a Champion. Thank you so much for your interest! Since many of you have asked, I’ll be including updates in the Georjeans’ email newsletter.

Early in January (2014), I took Frodo to dog shows in Fredericksburg, VA, where he got a lot of practice, though no new points. He experienced his first indoor show and he thought all the sights and sounds were just great! He wanted to meet every dog and every person and sniff, sniff, sniff! He showed well, considering how distracting the environment was, but a more mature dog won both days. Ah well, those are the breaks.

Next month, Frodo and I are taking it to the Big Apple. That’s right, we’re going to try to finish his Championship at the world famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! Win or lose, it will be an incredible experience for us and I am so excited!

The Standard Schnauzer and Working breeds judging is on Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014. The Westminster Kennel Club website will have live streaming of all of the breed judging on Monday and Tuesday and the Group Judging will be on TV Monday and Tuesday evenings so you can tune in and cheer for us and your favorite breed(s).

We have one more show for practice, and that’s this Sunday, January 26, in Richmond, VA. If you’re interested in attending, the show is indoors at the Raceway. You can get detailed information at InfoDog.com and you can call us at Georjeans — (540) 341-799 –for specifics, too. If you see us, please come and say “Hi!”

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