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AshLee Smith, Dog Groomer, Georjeans Pet Grooming, Warrenton, Virginia

AshLee Smith

Georjeans Pet Grooming is happy to announce the long-awaited arrival of the talented AshLee Smith to our professional dog grooming team!

AshLee has been an animal lover her whole life. Growing up with an array of pets on her family farm gave her an in-depth skill set and knowledge base as well as the passion to pursue experience in the fields of veterinary medicine and rescue rehabilitation, dog training and behavior, now culminating in a career as a certified dog groomer.

AshLee started her career with animals as a Veterinary Assistant where she first got her first grooming experience. Then, while working in a rescue rehabilitation center Ashlee volunteered to do the grooming of shelter pets in desperate need in order to help them find their forever homes.

AshLee is also currently a trainer with Duskland Dogs Training and Behavior, teaching beginners obedience classes and soon to be be teaching advanced classes.

AshLee’s passion to work with animals is now expressed through grooming, dog training, and dog shows. She is also the proprietor of Pride Rock Pet Services.

We pride ourselves on the compassion and vigilance we bring to grooming your dogs and AshLee’s veterinary and training background make her a perfect fit.

Like the rest of us, AshLee looks forward to serving you and your dogs for years to come.