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When grooming your long-haired dog at home during the cold winter months, be sure to follow these professional dog-grooming tips to get the best results:

    little chihuahua dog being groomed

    Dog grooming tips

  1. Brush your dog before he gets wet. Tangles and mats in your dog’s coat get tighter and pull more hairs into them every time they dry after being wet. If you know bad weather’s coming, or you’re planning to bathe at home, get those mats brushed out first.
  2. Before you brush, lightly mist your dog’s coat with a pre-brush spray. You can easily make your own in a quart spray bottle: mix 1 tablespoon of your regular conditioner with warm water. This not only makes brushing easier by eliminating static electricity, it also cuts down on the damage caused by the dry air.
  3. After you brush, always go over the coat with a comb. The brush can skip over a mat or tangle without you realizing it. The comb almost always finds them.

  4. Leslie Shriner is owner of Georjeans Dog Grooming in Warrenton, Virginia. For professional dog grooming and the VIP (Very Important Pet) treatment, call Georjeans today at (540) 341-7699.