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All natural non-toxic dog care products from Georjeans

All Natural Non-Toxic Dog Care Products from Georjeans

Georjeans Pet Grooming is pleased to be able to offer our customers a new line of non-toxic veterinarian-recommended dog shampoo, conditioner and anti-itch spray by EQyys Pet.

The Micro-Tek anti-itch spray soothes on contact and helps your dog, cat, puppy or kitten stop scratching, itching, biting, or licking hot spots in as little as one bath. It is fast acting, safe and effective for all pets and works better than Oatmeal, Coal Tar, or Tea Tree shampoos. It is now available for purchase through Georjeans for $13.00 plus tax.

Micro-Tek Maximum Strength and Premier shampoos are the finest pet shampoos available! You will notice a difference the first time you use them. They leave the hair shaft completely clean, not coated with silicone, oil, or synthetic polymers.

Premier shampoo uses natural botanical extracts to gently cleanse, moisturize and intensify colors. It makes white coats brilliant, browns richer, and dark coats darker and shinier than ever before!

Premier conditioner is a salon quality conditioner that was developed specifically to condition rough, dry, brittle hair and make tangles disappear. It minimizes flyaways and shedding, smoothes hair cuticles to replenish each strand leaving the softest shiniest and tangle free coat possible.

Additional Grooming Services Available

MicroTek Anti Itch Spray Application
Small dogs: $15; medium/large dogs: $20; extra-large dogs: $25

Flea and Tick Spray Application
Small dogs: $15; medium/ large dogs: $20; extra large dogs: $25

Blueberry facial: $5
Tear stains and crust removal

Anal glands: $15

Teeth: $15

Anal glands and teeth: $25

Deep clean ears (flush): $10 per ear

TNT cut and grind
Small dogs: $15 small: medium/large dogs: $20; extra large dogs:$25

Bandanas and bows: $5